The Japan Golf Tour Organization aims to promote the game of golf through professional golf tournaments.

Sports can develop only when the professional competitions are prospering.
In order for further development of golf in Japan, the tour players will showcase the essence of the game through their highly skilled techniques and exciting performances, and will attract spectators.

The Japan Golf Tour Organization aims to nurture tour players who thrive at the world’s highest stage.

Golf fans always expect Japanese golfers play well at the world’s highest level, like Shigeki Maruyama has won three times on the U.S.PGA Tour, and Shingo Katayama has finished 4th at the Masters Tournament. We believe that professional sports can only continue to exist by meeting the fans' high expectations.

The Japan Golf Tour Organization considers tour players as "assets".

As golf has become a national sport in Japan with approximately 10 million golfers across the country, the Japan Golf Tour is the highest level of competition among the most skilled players and elite golfers.

The Japan Golf Tour Organization assumes the role of "evangelists" to teach children the enjoyment of golf and sense of morality.

Professional sports must always provide children with hopes and dreams.
It is our aim to nurture children who look up to the tour players, and hold hopes to become a tour player in the future.
Also, golf is a great sport where players themselves are the referees and the game is played under the premise that they always comply with rules and manners.
We believe that golf gives children the opportunity to learn morals, including honesty, patience, compassion, and etiquette.

The Japan Golf Tour Organization is working on environmental issues.

As many spectators come to watch each tournament, there are always issues with waste and CO2 (carbon dioxide) at the tournament venue.
At the "Japan Golf Tour Championship" hosted by JGTO, we actively work to separate and reduce waste, and carbon offsets aiming to reduce CO2. Through these activities, we promote an "earth friendly tournament" environment.

The Japan Golf Tour Organization hopes to contribute to the local community through the Japan Golf Tour.

Golf tournaments are community-based, and are managed with the cooperation of many volunteers from local community.
The tour will cooperate with local municipalities, media and transportation facilities around the tournament venue to hold a successful event, in an effort to give back to the local area.

The Japan Golf Tour Organization considers fans as "treasures".

We have the official fan club, "Japan Golf Tour Supporters Club". With the fans who give us warm support, we aim to develop an attractive golf tour.