The Japan Golf Tour Organization
Februrary 8, 1999
Isao Aoki


The Japan Golf Tour Organization was established based on the following principles.

Encourage international exchanges through sports.

We will encourage international exchanges through sports, as our tour players with world-class abilities attract people around the world through their skills and personalities.

Constantly provide the splendor of sports.

We will create pure golden moments of sports entertainment, and constantly provide the splendor of sports through the game of golf to people throughout the world.

Create opportunities for children to make their dreams come true.

We will pave the way for younger generations to challenge at a global stage, as our tour players show their qualities to the world and enhance the reputation of Japanese golfers.

Contribute to international and local communities, and the growth of sports culture.

We will contribute to international and local communities, and the growth of sports culture through collaborating with our tour players who provide exciting performances on and off the course.

Forge a relationship with partners to create new values of sports culture.

With unrivaled communication skills through the game of golf, we will play a pioneering role in creating new values of sports culture with our partners who share the same philosophy.

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As a governing body of men’s professional golf tour that is responsible for providing “the excitement of sports”, we conduct the following activities with the aim to promote the game of golf, make contributions to local and international communities, promote international exchanges, and contribute to the healthy development of children.

  1. Activities necessary for conducting tour tournaments:
    1. (a) Management and operation of tour tournaments.
    2. (b) Annual scheduling of tour tournaments.
    3. (c) Establishing tournament regulations and official records.
  2. Conducting tour tournaments and other events.
  3. Activities in regards to tour members:
    1. (a) Establishing and managing eligibility criteria for tour tournaments every year.
    2. (b) Conducting qualifying tournaments, that determine players who are eligible under the criteria set forth in the above clause (a), excluding those who have already been exempt.
  4. Protection of portrait rights and other rights of tour members.
  5. Conducting charity events and tournaments.
  6. Providing golf instruction to children, and conducting other volunteering activities.
  7. Sending tour members to tournaments abroad, and promoting international exchanges through golf tournaments.
  8. Maintaining a close relationship with other international golf tour organizations.
  9. Managing publications related to tour tournaments.
  10. Other activities to fulfill the purposes of JGTO.