The Japan Golf Tour Organization carries out various charity activities and social contribution activities through golf tournaments.

It comes from our strong desire to give back to the society through our good fortune of being able to be involved in golf tournaments.

"Cancer Eradication Fund", "Support for children in special need", "Polio Eradication Fund", "Junior Golfer Development", "Disaster Relief" ....

These activities are not only organized by the Japan Golf Tour Organization, but tour players are also actively engaged individually and we spare no effort to fulfill our responsibilities as a group of professionals that provides "dreams".


"The Great East Japan Earthquake" reconstruction support

An unprecedented earthquake hit Eastern Japan on March 11, 2011. The Japan Golf Tour Organization and the Japan Golf Tour Players Association began a reconstruction supporting activity with the will to "provide hope and strength through golf tournaments," carrying the slogan of "Now, for Japan".

A total of JPY 275,122,001 (as of December 31, 2011), collected by contributions from the tournament prize money, donations made at tournament venues and transferred to the bank account established by JGTO, etc., were fully donated through the Japanese Red Cross Society.

We continue to conduct activities for reconstruction support.

Cancer Eradication Fund

Cancer Eradication Fund

The Japan Golf Tour Organization is working with the Japan Golf Tour Players Association to raise funds for cancer elimination through tournaments since 1994.

Charity funds raised by donations and charity auctions at tournament venues are donated to the "Princess Takamatsu Cancer Research Fund" every year.

Hitachi 3Tours Championship

Hitachi 3tours Championship

The Japan Golf Tour Organization, along with the Professional Golfers’ Association of Japan and the Ladies Professional Golfers’ Association of Japan, co-hosts a charity event, “Hitachi 3tours Championship”, to reach out for children who are suffering from intractable diseases and troubled family backgrounds.

Charity funds will be donated from all the admission fee incomes and the prize money of the players (donated voluntarily), to affiliated organizations.

Part of the charity funds are also used for junior golfer development programs through the Junior Golfer Conference of Japan, which is formed by 10 leading golf-related organizations.


Facilities, School visit

Facilities, School visit

The Japan Golf Tour Organization is conducting visits to facilities for the disabled, children’s institutions, schools, etc. near tournament venues.

During these visits, children have a fun time with the tour players through playing games, SNAG golf, and singing songs together.

At the school visits, the tour players talk to children as "dream teachers" and teach them how important it is to work hard to achieve their dreams, and how fun it is to play golf.

These visits began to provide hopes and dreams to children, and have now become one of the most enjoyable opportunities for the tour players as well.

  • Facilities, School visit
  • Facilities, School visit
  • Facilities, School visit

Donation of SNAG Golf Coaching Kits

As part of the social contribution activities in the "Japan Golf Tour Championship", the Japan Golf Tour Organization donates SNAG Golf Coaching Kits every year to primary schools and local education committees throughout the country.

As of the end of 2012, the total of 220 kits has been donated to these educational facilities including elementary schools located near tournament venues.

  • Donation of SNAG Golf Coaching Kits
  • Donation of SNAG Golf Coaching Kits


The First Step!

The First Step!

The Japan Golf Tour Organization began an environmental conservation activity, “The First Step!” in 2006 at its hosted event, the "Japan Golf Tour Championship".

It began with the mission to seriously address the environmental problems in golf tournaments and raise the awareness of players, tournament staffs, spectators and all others involved.

In 2010, this activity won the Environmental Value Creation Award at “The 8th Japan Environmental Management Awards" (Hosted by Japan Environmental Management Awards Committee, and Mie Prefecture).

“The First Step!” has gradually spread through the Japan Golf Tour as an "eco-activity that begins by doing what you can do".

Reduction of greenhouse gas (GHG)

"Reduction of greenhouse gas (GHG)"

Out of GHG, we have focused on CO2, as we strive to reduce CO2 emissions by "separation of garbage", "restricting sales of bottle and can products", "urging the use of public transport", and "reduction of food mileage through implementation of local production and local consumption".

Carbon Offset

"Carbon Offset"

In 2008, we calculated the "amount of CO2 emitted in a tournament" for the first time in golf.

The following year, we purchased "green electricity" in order to offset some CO2 generated by the consumption of electricity accompanying golf tournaments.

In addition, on October 1, 2008, we arranged a “Fostering Forest Project” with Iida City, Nagano Prefecture, and we currently promote the maintenance activities of a forest named "Golf Forest".


We explore the future of golf tournaments that can truly enjoy co-existence with nature.
We support the Lake Kasumigaura Revival Project launched by the Asaza Fund, and participate in the foster care systems of Asaza, regeneration of water sources and establishment of biotopes (harboring places for dragonflies and aquatic insects).

Eco Ambassadors

"Eco Ambassadors"

The tour players support our environmental conservation activity "The First Step!” and take a role as “Eco Ambassador” (Ambassador of the Environment) who raise spectators’ awareness of an "eco-activity that begins by doing what you can do".

Katsumasa Miyamoto, Taichi Teshima and Katsunori Kuwabara have been assigned as “Eco Ambassadors” and cooperated in handing out eco bags, charities using mugs, and forest maintenance activities.