JGTO set the quality standard of a golf course that helps improve the abilities of our tour players to compete at the highest level around the world. JGTO partner golf courses meet the standard and are proudly called “TOUR CHAMPIONS CLUBS”.

JFE Setonaikai Golf Club


It is a relatively flat course, but accuracy is required as lots of mounds of various sizes are located across fairways. Water and other hazards are strategically placed and make these holes more difficult than they look. Players don’t need to worry too much about OB as it doesn’t come into play much. A dynamic view of the entire course can be enjoyed from almost everywhere on the course.

  • 19-2 Koukan-cho, Kasaoka-shi, Okayama 714-0063, Japan
  • TEL: +81-(0)865-66-4570 FAX: +81-(0)865-66-4571
  • Designer: Shunsuke Kato
  • http://www.jfe-setonaikai.co.jp/

Horai Country Club


Horai Country Club was designed with a concept that adds “sophisticated philosophy” to the history and tradition of golf. The “sophisticated philosophy” consists of two important elements: “a challenge to the dynamic game of golf and its players from strategic point of view” and “creation and exaltation of beauty by adding artistic designs to the nature”.

  • 793 Senbonmatsu, Nasushiobara-shi, Tochigi 329-2747, Japan
  • TEL: +81-(0)287-37-4114 FAX: +81-(0)287-37-4117
  • Designer: Robert von Hagge
  • http://www.horai-kk.co.jp/golf/

Kumamoto Chuo Country Club


It is a dynamic golf course where players can simply enjoy hitting the ball towards Mt. Aso and Mt. Unzen. The course is blessed with a beautiful panoramic view and lots of tall trees accent the layout. Each hole is separated by pine trees and oak trees. It is interesting that par is allocated in the same order for front nine and back nine.

  • 1217 Kyokushi-Kawabe, Kikuchi-shi, Kumamoto 869-1205, Japan
  • TEL: +81-(0)96-293-3300 FAX: +81-(0)96-293-1715
  • Designer: Osamu Ueda
  • http://www.chuogolf.jp/

Tomioka Club


The course is laid out on the land with gentle natural terrain and blessed with a spectacular panoramic view of The Three Mountains of Gunma (Mt. Akagi, Mt. Haruna and Mt. Myogi). Co-designed by a 3-time major winner, Larry Nelson and one of the best Japanese course architect, Hirochika Tomizawa, each hole has a different character and stimulates players’ imagination.

Kochi Kuroshio Country Club


It is a 36-hole golf course located on the hillside overlooking the Pacific Ocean. Player can enjoy beautiful scenery on Taiheiyo Course, especially on the opening par-5 that plays towards the ocean, the par-3 second hole which is the only hole playing over ravine, and the beautiful par-3 fifth with the green protected by a large water and bunker. Kuroshio Course is more strategic and requires accuracy especially on the four-hole stretch from the 2nd to 5th where water comes into play.

Token Tado Country Club Nagoya


The green is visible from the tee on many holes, and different strategies are required depending on the hole location. It is a strategic golf course where players are required to play smart golf for a better score, and there are lots of risks if playing too aggressively. The course is relatively flat with only 35 meters of elevation change, and distance between holes is not long.

  • 2598 Kono, Tado-cho, Kuwana-gun, Mie 511-0122, Japan
  • TEL: +81-(0)594-48-5811 FAX: +81-(0)594-48-5822
  • http://www.token-tado.co.jp/

Taiheiyo Club Mashiko PGA Course


It is a traditional tree-lined golf course laid out on the flat forest land. Each hole is separated by trees and twelve water hazards of different sizes are strategically placed over the entire course. The course is fun and challenging, and is well designed in making it more difficult for advanced players.

Shishido Hills Country Club


It is a 36-hole golf course laid out on the natural rolling terrain and surrounded by the natural forest. Since 2003, the West Course has hosted the Japan Golf Tour Championship. The course is beautiful and very challenging as it requires distance, consistency and ability to control trajectory. Only players with all-round skills at the highest level can conquer the course.

  • 1340 Minamikoizumi, Kasama-shi, Ibaraki 309-1725, Japan
  • TEL: +81-(0)296-77-2141 FAX: +81-(0)296-77-8383
  • Designer: Akira Hocchi
  • http://www.shishido.co.jp/

Sanyo Golf Club


Jack Nicklaus Jr. designed this 18-hole championship course by using his passion and spirit. It has hosted number of major tournaments including the Japan PGA Championship, and has been highly acclaimed among top players around the world.

  • 428 Hirayama, Akaiwa-shi, Okayama 701-2433, Japan
  • TEL: +81-(0)86-954-2211 FAX: +81-(0)86-954-2212
  • Designer: Jack Nicklaus Jr.
  • http://www.sanyogolf.jp/

Sunhills Country Club


It is a 36-hole course built on the hillside property located in suburbs of Utsunomiya. The East Course is laid out on the natural terrain and various types of shot are required, while player can enjoy beautiful scenery on every hole. The West Course is challenging but provides a great sense of accomplishment if you play well. The key to success on the west course is how to avoid water hazards.

Boso Country Club

Boso Course: 36H/Par144 Ohgami Course: 18H/Par72

Boso Course has two 18-hole courses. The East is a long and tough course that requires distance and accuracy, while the West utilizes the natural terrain and requires clever course management. Ohgami Course is a strategic course that requires various types of shot. All these courses have lots of trees and players can enjoy beautiful scenery, especially cherry blossoms in spring.

  • 2300 Myorakuji, Mutsuzawa-machi, Chosei-gun, Chiba 299-4493, Japan
  • TEL: +81-(0)475-43-0111 FAX: +81-(0)475-43-0415
  • Designer: Ryuji Kagami
  • http://www.boso-cc.com/

Ryukyu Golf Club


The West Course is long but fairways are wide open. The East Course is strategic and requires clever course management. The South Course is laid out on the natural terrain and is more challenging. Each course has different characteristic and players can truly enjoy the game of golf in a relaxed atmosphere.

  • 1 Oyakebaru, Tamagusuku, Nanjo-shi, Okinawa 901-0608, Japan
  • TEL: +81-(0)98-948-2460 FAX: +81-(0)98-949-7573
  • Designer: Hiroshi Umezawa
  • http://www.ryukyugolf.com/

Golf5 Country Oak Village


It is a 18-hole championship course designed by Desmond Muirhead who utilized the natural rolling terrain to create a spectacular course. All golfers will be fascinated once they play the course, and their experience on the course will be something unforgettable.

  • 767 Kokumoto, Ichihara-shi, Chiba 290-0531, Japan
  • TEL: +81-(0)436-96-0300 FAX: +81-(0)436-96-0330
  • Designer: Desmond Muirhead
  • http://www.oakvillage.co.jp/

The North Country Golf Club


The sophisticatedly designed golf course blends into the vast natural surroundings, and a beautiful panoramic view of the entire course can be enjoyed from the clubhouse. It is one of the few courses in Japan that use bentgrass only. Judgement on the wind and club selection is the key to success on this spectacular course that every golfer wants to challenge.

  • 26 Rankoshi, Chitose-shi, Hokkaido 066-0068, Japan
  • TEL: +81-(0)123-27-2121 FAX: +81-(0)123-27-1152
  • Designer: Isao Aoki
  • http://www.the-north.co.jp/

Fuji Country Kani Club Kani Golf Course


It is a 54-hole course which is located in the beautiful region known as “home of ceramics”. The Shino Course offers a true test of golf with its dynamic layout. The Oribe Course is a tough and long course which fascinates long hitters. The Kiseto Course is a strategic course which is surrounded by the natural beauty.

  • 221-2 Kukuri, Kani-shi, Gifu 509-0224, Japan
  • TEL: +81-(0)574-64-1111 FAX: +81-(0)574-64-2750
  • Designer: Osamu Ueda, Hirochika Tomizawa, Yoshiaki Kato
  • http://www.kani-club.jp/

Taiheiyo Club Sano Hillcrest Course


The “genius” Desmond Muirhead supervised the course design to create a unique 18-hole layout that showcases various styles of golf course design; there are some American style holes featuring water hazards, while others are parkland style with flat fairways, highland style surrounded by deep forest, or inland links style with rolling fairways. The course is fun and challenging, and it creates an atmosphere in which American/European flavor is perfectly blended with Japanese elegance. Players can truly enjoy their memorable experiences on the course especially the unique shaped bunkers that protect the greens.

Ono Toyo Golf Club


A dynamic 18-hole championship course was built in 1971 on the land with the natural rolling terrain in Higashi Harima, and has hosted number of professional tournaments. A “virtuoso” golf course architect, Osamu Ueda designed this dynamic, beautiful and highly-strategic course and created lots of very impressive holes. Players can also enjoy beautiful variety of seasonal flowers and trees, especially cherry blossoms in spring.

  • 570-1 Hiyoshi-cho, Ono-shi, Hyogo 675-1315, Japan
  • TEL: +81-(0)794-62-6881 FAX: +81-(0)794-62-4423
  • Designer: Osamu Ueda
  • http://www.onotoyo-golf.com/

The Royal Golf Club


The total length of the course is 8,143 yards and the longest hole is the par-5 16th that plays 705 yards. It is one of the most strategic golf courses in Japan and each hole features deep bunkers, uniquely shaped greens and rolling fairways that create the world-class, dynamic layout. Each hole has at least 5 sets of tees that allow golfers of all levels to enjoy the game. It is a “monster course” for professionals and a tough challenge for low handicappers. Average golfers will be awed by its world-class layout. However, women and senior golfers may even feel a sense of relaxation when they enjoy the beautiful landscape that they have never seen before.

Narita Hills Country Club


The course was close and complete the renovation. The genius Pete Dye’s modeling was retained but the grass was replaced and the water in the pond was replaced also club house was renovated. With a new Full Back Tee, it has an exciting design of 7,113 yards but there are wide variety from the shortest Red Tee 4,740 yards so this course has been changed from advanced to beginners and women can enjoy it. For the green grass used 4th generation “Memorial” which is the latest variety for all 18 holes. This is only Narita Hills Country Club in Japan at moment, the green is bright and strong, it is finished in technical greens.

  • 1236-3 Ryukakuji, Sakae-machi, Inba-gun, Chiba 270-1506 Japan
  • TEL: +81-(0)476-95-5555 FAX: +81-(0)476-95-5395
  • Designer: Pete Dye
  • https://www.narita-hills.co.jp/

If you have any questions about our partner golf courses, please contact JGTO.
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