ISPS HANDA Gatsu-n to tobase Tour tournament


Rahil Gangjee thanks Shaun Norris for huge advice which led to scoring 64 and Top position

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On his 4th year on Japan Tour, Rahil Gangjee made a great rocket start on 1R at Miho GC with 8 birdies and a bogey to score 64. Became the 1R leader with 7 under par.
"I owe all of this to Shaun. Thanks to Shaun, it worked as a magic."

Rahil has been having problems with his putting this season, and that is pulling his legs to be 81st on the Money List. He changed his putter 2 weeks ago at Bridgestone Open, but it didn't solve the problem and he missed the cut. He went to JOYX Golf Club for past 2 weeks since he wasn't attending any tournaments, but that didn't help either.
"But somehow, a practice round with Shaun made miracles. My putting got really great."

Shaun's advice was quite simple. Just changed the ball position from the middle of the stance toward left foot.
"That's all, and it worked!"

First showtime was at 2nd as Rahil drained 10-meter for a birdie. Then from 14th, he went on making 3 consecutive birdies nailing all of the within 5-meter putts.

There are only 6 more tournaments left including JT Cup, which Rahil still doesn't have the exemption of. He really needs to make good result this week for very serious reasons. He earned multiple year Tour Card with his victory at 2018 Panasonic Open, but that will end this season.
"If I don't make my way up on the Money Rankings, I must face QT in December."

He was planning to go back to his home country India during the Tokyo Olympic period, but due to pandemic, he decided to stay in Japan, since re-entry was almost impossible at that time.
"I haven't been able to go back to India since March. I really want to go visit my mother. I cannot make her wait any longer. If I could secure the Tour Card, I will fly back home ASAP."

Tournament host sponsor ISPS offers so many delicacies and sweets for free this week.
"I love ice cream. I had roasted sweet potato before my round today."

Tournament also has fishing pond set to enjoy only for the players.
"I never done fishing in my life. First, I must safely make the cutline, then I will try fishing on Saturday."